In early 2012, the creative team behind Mr. Plinkett Reviews were riding cloud nine. 2011 was a prolific year for the deranged, codgy cinephile and a spinoff review series featuring the character in an ancillary capacity had burgeoned and secured a cushy partnership with an online media juggernaut. The stage was ripe for an expansion. Fired up with seemingly endless creativity, the team launched a game review show, Game Station 2.0, which sputtered and died right out of the gate.

The team retreated and doubled down on reviewing cinema, abandoning video games entirely. The group hemmed and hawed at fan clamor for more Game Station, but stopped short of squelching the possibility of a revival. Sure enough, like a tulku, Game Station was eventually reincarnated with a new creative team, and the format and presentation changed greatly—not always for the best. The new incarnation often drives home the magnitude of Game Station’s missed potential, leaving many wondering, “What Ever Happened to Game Station 2.0?”

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