The Long Walk Home
The Long Walk Home
Directed byMike Stoklasa
Produced byRich Evans
Mike Stoklasa
Bret Alan Hoffmann
Screenplay byRich Evans
Mike Stoklasa
Story byMike Stoklasa
Rich Evans
Dan Ryder
Jay Bauman
StarringRich Evans
Laura Dagys
Dan Ryder
Jay Bauman
Dan Ordell
Kim Phillips
Dan Decola
Mike Stoklasa
Music byGreg Simons
CinematographyMike Stoklasa
Edited byMike Stoklasa
Production company(s)GMP Pictures
Blanc Screen Cinema
Allegory Films
Distributed byGMP Pictures
Release date(s)2001
February 17, 2011
Running time35 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Long Walk Home is a 2001 American neo-noir crime thriller short film directed by Mike Stoklasa and written by Stoklasa and Rich Evans. The film stars Rich Evans, Kim Phillips, Jesse Sorgatz, and Jay Bauman. The film tells the story of a former corrupt cop who resolves to bring down an international crime syndicate after his family is brutally murdered. The film is notable for its misleading trailer and its abrupt change in tone to farce during the climax.[1]

The Long Walk Home was originally released in 2001 as the 8th feature from GMP Pictures, in collaboration with Jay Bauman's Blanc Screen Cinema and Allegory Films. The film was only available on VHS through mail order from the GMP Pictures website[1] until it was released on the RedLetterMedia website on Feburary 17, 2011. The film was removed from the RedLetterMedia website in June 2014.


Jack Wolf (Rich Evans) is a former corrupt cop whose dealings an international crime ring called "The Triad" results in the horrific murder of his wife and child. Wracked by guilt and grief, he embarks on mission to find Ramirez ((Mike Stoklasa), the shadowy mastermind of The Triad, and bring down the Triad despite warnings from his fellow officers to drop the case.




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