The Grabowskis (season 4)
The Grabowskis (season 4)

The Grabowskis (season 4)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes8
Original channelYouTube
Original runDecember 13, 2007 – February 4, 2008
Production company(s)RedLetterMedia
Season 3
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The first season of sitcom web series The Grabowskis originally aired from December 13, 2007 to February 4, 2008 and was released on the RedLetterMedia channel.


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No. in series No. in season Featured films Airdate Guest stars Availability
23 1
January 6, 2008
Rich Evans
Cliff's got a few drinkin' buddies that stop by from time to time, but none weirder than Fragnon! An alien from the planet Gragnor, Fragnon beams into the Grabowski's kitchen unannounced to share a beer with Cliff. However, when Cliff discovers that Fragnon's been up to no good with some of the local Milwaukee women Cliff has a very important question to ask.
24 2
December 19, 2007
It's Christmas Eve in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cliff Grabowski comes home from the bar to discover his wife, Honey, has put up a Christmas Eve tree. Will Cliff learn the true meaning of Christmas Eve? Or will he just say horrible things to his wife and gamble away Sammy's brain medicine money at the Indian casino? Watch and find out.
25 3
January 28, 2008
When Cliff remembers that he took out that life insurance policy on Honey he suddenly doesn't want her around anymore, but when it comes to hatching a plan to bump Honey off, Cliff decides that he loves his wife and can't go through with it.
26 4
December 13, 2007
Josh Davis
Honey and Cliff attempt to impress the local DCFS official by having a nice turkey dinner and cleaning the apartment up a little. However, things were a bit rushed for Honey and she might have overlooked a thing or two...
27 5
February 1, 2008
After Honey witnesses a robbery at the local dollar store, she becomes even more concerned about the fact that they don't have a lock on their door. Cliff doesn't seem to care, but after listening to Honey's concerns he comes up with a unique solution to the problem.
28 6
January 25, 2008
Cliff pwns a puppet that keeps trying to teach his kid letters and numbers.
29 7
February 4, 2008
Cliff reads the news paper each morning and each morning discovers something new he didn't know.
30 8
February 5, 2011
Despite the odds, the Grabowskis have finally saved enough to pay for Sammy's brain medicine! As Cliff calls the hospital, the family is ecstatic and ready to turn the page to a new and happier chapter of their lives.




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