"The Ghost of Christmas Plinkett"
URL: linkShow: Mr. Plinkett: TASReleased: December 10, 2013
Season 3, Episode 3 (15)Time: 3:00
Animated by: Shaun McKinnon — Edited by: Shaun McKinnon

"The Ghost of Christmas Plinkett" is the third episode of the third season of the 789 Films animated web series, Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series, and 15th episode of the series overall. It aired December 10, 2013 on Blip as the third Christmas-themed episode in the series.[1][2] The episode was animated and edited by Shaun McKinnon, combining preexisting voice-work by Mike Stoklasa and RedLetterMedia productions to create a unified story.[2]

In this episode, the Care Boars reanimate Mr. Plinkett's dead wife, hoping to reunite her with Mr. Plinkett in time for Christmas. However, all reanimated Mrs. Plinkett wants for Christmas is revenge.


When the Care Boars stumble upon the decomposed body of Mr. Plinkett's first wife, they decide to reanimate her and reunite her with Mr. Plinkett in the spirit of the holiday. Meanwhile, Mr. Plinkett, alone in his house, pines for his dead wife and muses on his lack of appreciation for her. When the Care Boars arrive at Plinkett's house, they soon realize that reanimated Mrs. Plinkett only wants revenge. Her attempt on Plinkett's life is foiled when Plinkett electrocutes both his reanimated wife and the Care Boars.



This episode is listed as Ghost of Christmas Plinkett on the RedLetterMedia website and YouTube channel,[2] but is titled The Ghost of Christmas Plinkett in the opening credits and on the video release announcement.[1] Sources for the audio used in the episode were captured from various RedLetterMedia productions.

The episode aired December 10, 2013 on Blip and on YouTube.[1][2]

Easter EggsEdit

The production studio's name is the street number of Mr. Plinkett's Victorian-style house.


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