The 3rd Annual RLM Stream-a-thon took place on December 14, 2013. It was streamed on from approximately 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight CST.

Lineup Edit

12:00 – RLM Shorts

12:30 – Mystery Feature Film #1 (Abraxas)

2:00 – The Rich Evans Anthology

2:30 – Best of the Worst extended screening #1 (The Dance of Birth)

-Chuck E. Cheese Training Video

3:30 – Gorilla Interrupted

-Kure Kure Takora clip

-Me and My Llama

-Sparky trailer

-Poorly Animated Stickman Gets Kicked in the Crotch and Vomits

-Marbles and Sophia Go To The Bar

-Richard Edlund vs. His Sons

5:00 – Best of the Worst extended screening #2 (Family Guide to the Internet)

5:30 – Mystery Feature Film #2 (Suburban Sasquatch)

-Leonard Nimoy demonstrates Magnavision LaserDisc Player

-Weber Cooks Rice-a-Roni

7:30 – “Classic” Rich Evans short films

-Battleman vs. Satan

-Short with Rich dressed as Elf Man beating a doll

8:00 – Santa Claus (1959)

9:30 – Mystery Shorts

-Corey Haim: Me, Myself & I

-Weber Cooks - Chili & Cheese Nacho Dip

10:15 – Where’s Deathlist?

10:30 – Mystery Feature Film #3 (Deathlist / Deathlist Outtakes / Old Man)

Times are listed as they were originally announced, not necessarily when they took place. Titles in parenthesis & shorts were not named prior to the stream.

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