"Special Edition: The Zookeeper Trailer"
URL: linkShow: Half in the BagReleased: May 24, 2011
Season 1, Episode 9/10 (9/10)Time: 7:57
Reviews: Zookeeper: Theatrical Trailer, Zookeeper
Edited by: Mike Stoklasa
Cast: Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman
Guests: Rich Evans (credited)

"Special Edition: The Zookeeper Trailer" is a special edition episode of film review web series Half in the Bag, released between episodes 9 and 10 of the first season. The episode aired May 24, 2011 exclusively on YouTube.[1][2]

In a special Half in the Bag episode, Mike and Jay review what they believe is a movie trailer parody.


Mike and Jay review fake trailer that has been making the rounds online for a horrible Hollywood romantic comedy called “The Zookeeper”. They praise the trailer’s attention to detail in making the parody and leading man Kevin James’s good humor in lampooning the sort of movies that made him a star.

Their laughter comes to a halt when Mike asks Jay for his opinion on other fake trailers and lists Old Dogs, Grown Ups, and Furry Vengeance. Confused, Jay gently informs Mike that those trailers were for real movies. As Mike slowly registers this fact, he receives a chilling message on the landline. The duo become despondent upon learning that Zookeeper is a real movie. Mike takes out a shotgun and pushes it under his chin, announcing that he'll "go first".

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"The Zookeeper Trailer" is the first special edition Half in the Bag and the first episode released exclusively on YouTube.[2] The episode departs from the regular content of Half in the Bag reviews,[2] focusing on a movie trailer instead of a feature-length film, and takes place in-universe (unlike its 2014 follow-up, "The Transformers Series").

The episode was filmed and edited between May 17[3] and May 24[1]. The episode was released May 24, 2011 on YouTube,[1] but was not announced on the Red Letter Media website until June 10, 2011.[2]

Plinkett IntroductionEdit

  • "Special edition? Who do these guys think they are, George Lucas?"


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