"Silent House and John Carter"
URL: linkShow: Half in the BagReleased: March 15, 2012
Season 2, Episode 6 (27)Time: 23:16
Edited by: Jay BaumanMusic by: Daniel Palkowski
Cast: Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman
Guests: Rich Evans

"Silent House and John Carter" is the sixth episode of the second season of film review web series Half in the Bag, and 27th episode in the series overall. The episode aired March 15, 2012 on Blip.[1][2]

In this episode, Mr. Plinkett and Sheila have a date at Best Buy, where Plinkett decides to purchase a DVD player.[2]


Sheila has revitalized Mr. Plinkett, but their wild, passionate relationship has become a headache for Mike and Jay. The two repairmen are unhappy with the arrangement and worry about Sheila's intentions toward Plinkett as well as their job security.

When Sheila convinces Plinkett to purchase a DVD player during a date at Best Buy, Mike and Jay prepare a care package of VHS tapes to win Plinkett back.

Summary and ReviewEdit

Silent HouseEdit

Silent House is a minimalist horror film starring the lesser known and infinitely more talented Olsen sister, Elizabeth [...] The film is shot in a style meant to give the audience the illusion that what they are seeing was filmed in one continuous shot and happening in real time. As an afterthought to that gimmick, the filmmakers decided to slap together a story about a girl trapped in a house being tormented by an unknown presence.
—Jay Bauman

John CarterEdit

We also saw John Carter, which is a new sci-fi adventure film starring Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe, and Lucy Lawless. John Carter is based on a series of novels by author Edgar Rice Burroughs and tells the tale of John Carter from Jasoom (Earth) who travels to Barsoom (Mars), meets Tharks, and is entangled in a war to stop Sab Than the Jeddak (chieftain) of Zodanga, but Matai Shang, a Hekkador (leader) and leader of the Therns, is manipulating Sab Than into conquering the Heliums and into marrying Deja Thoris, a Jeddak Preddak plag. But Tars Tarkas, Sarkoja, Sola, and Woola the Calot (lizard-dog native to Barsoom) are out to stop Sab Than and Matai Shang from crabdangoing the frangochangs... [gibberish]
—Mike Stoklasa


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The episode was shot and edited between March 9[3][4][5][6] and March 15, 2012[1][2]. The episode first aired March 15, 2012 on Blip.[1][2]

Plinkett IntroductionEdit

  • Eat my shorts, you f***.


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Season 2, Episode 6 (27)
Silent House and John Carter (3111)


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