"RoboCop 2014"
URL: linkShow: Half in the BagReleased: February 19, 2014
Season 4, Episode 8 (67)Time: 23:51
Reviews: RoboCop
Edited by: Jay Bauman
Cast: Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman
Guests: Rich Evans

"RoboCop 2014" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of film review web series Half in the Bag, and 67th episode in the series overall. The episode aired February 19, 2014[1][2] on Blip and YouTube as the second of two episodes focusing on the RoboCop franchise.

In this episode, Mike and Jay try to distract a police officer from his investigation by talking about the 2014 remake of the 1987 dystopian science-fiction film, RoboCop.


After watching the 2014 remake of RoboCop, Mike and Jay discuss the film with Officer Rich Klasowski in order to distract him from his investigation of the dead body smell in the repair shop. As the policeman is about to leave, Jay accidentally reminds Officer Klasowski about the smell. Before he can determine the source of the smell, the building quakes violently and Officer Klasowski is propelled into outer space and inexplicably transported to Duckworld.

Summary and ReviewEdit

So, RoboCop: The Remake is the new film by ... Pablo ... something ... and it stars two guys from cop shows. The guy who played RoboCop was on a series called The Killing and the guy who played the partner was on NYPD: Blue or NCIS or— oh no ... He was on The Wire and they were in this film about Lieutenant Alex Murphy who gets blowed up by his car and then turned into RoboCopMan.
—Mike Stoklasa


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The episode was filmed and edited between February 12 and February 19. It aired February 19, 2014 on Blip and YouTube.[1][2] Best of the Worst guest star Colin worked on the visual effects for RoboCop under Soho VFX,[3] a fact referenced in the episode.

Plinkett IntroductionEdit

  • "I'd buy that for a dollar!"


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