"Oz the Great and Powerful and Return to Oz"
URL: linkShow: Half in the BagReleased: March 14, 2013
Season 3, Episode 49 (12)Time: 32:34
Edited by: Mike StoklasaMusic by: Daniel Palkowski
Cast: Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman
Guests: Rich Evans

"Oz the Great and Powerful and Return to Oz" is the twelfth episode of the third season of film review web series Half in the Bag, and 49th episode in the series overall. The episode aired March 14, 2013 on Blip.[1][2]

In this episode, Jay develops a conscience and Mr. Plinkett gets addicted to methamphetamine.


After being outsmarted by Mr. Plinkett, Mike brainstorms new ways to continue the swindle. Jay, however, desires to turn a new leaf. Their spirits dampened by a sudden pang of conscience, Mike and Jay decide to mull over the decision.

Upon returning to Plinkett's house, they discover a meth-addled Plinkett frantically fixing his VCR. While Mike sees a new way to continue his scams, Jay offers Plinkett his emotional support to help him get clean. An emotional Plinkett admits to his drug problem.

In a post-credits PSA, Rich Evans provides the phone number to a meth addiction hotline.

Summary and ReviewEdit

Oz the Great and Powerful is a prequel to the classic 1939 MGM musial, Wizard of Oz, or maybe it's just an adaptation of one of the L. Frank Baum thirteen Wizard of Oz books. I don't know ... it's something. Whatever. You heard the name Oz, so here's another movie about it.

In this film, we see how a phony magician traveling through Kansas gets whisked away to the magical land that shares his name and how he eventually becomes the Wizard of Oz we've all come to know. In order to take his place as the new king of this magical land, Oz must first defeat the evil wicked witch and her army of flying baboons. Will Oz defeat the wicked witch? Will he fall in love with Mila Kunis or Michelle Williams? How close can a studio get to infringing on Warner Brothers' copyright? All these questions and more are answered in Oz the Not-so-Great and Not-so-Powerful.

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The episode was filmed and edited between February 14[3][4] and March 14.[2]

Plinkett IntroductionEdit

  • Hey, don't you got anything better to do?


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Season 3, Episode 49 (12)
Oz the Great and Powerful and Return to Oz (5569)


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