"Oblivion and The Lords of Salem"
URL: linkShow: Half in the BagReleased: April 25, 2013
Season 3, Episode 51 (14)Time: 36:32
Edited by: Jay BaumanMusic by: Daniel Palkowski
Cast: Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman
Guests: Rich Evans (credited)

"Oblivion and The Lords of Salem" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of film review web series Half in the Bag, and 51st episode in the series overall. The episode was released April 25, 2013 on Blip.[1][2]

In this episode, Jay disposes of Mailman Tommy's body while Mike moonlights as a 911 operator.


Jay gets irritated after burying Mailman Tommy when Mike scolds him for tracking dirt into the repair shop. Mike quickly diffuses the situation by asking about the new Tom Cruise film, Oblivion.

Later, Jay learns that Mike moonlights as a 911 operator to supplement his income due to the reduced demand for VCR repair work. An unexpected phone call from a prospective customer sends the two layabouts into a stupor.

Summary and ReviewEdit


Oblivion is a new science-fiction film from visionary director, some guy who made Tron 2. In the film, Tom Cruise plays a guy who repairs things on Earth after it's been destroyed by an evil, alien force [...] Oblivion is The Matrix meets Total Recall meets Independence Day meets Wall-E meets Planet of the Apes Meets the Fockers.
- Mike Stoklasa

The Lords of SalemEdit

The Lords of Salem is the newest horror picture from director Rob Johnson [...] In the film, an ancient curse is revived in the town of Salem, bringing back witches and their evil plot to conjure up the son of Satan. It's a movie featuring weird visuals, bad acting, and uncomfortable nudity. The movie's run time is approximately 100 minutes and it contains a plot. Sort of.
— Jay Bauman


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The episode was shot and filmed between April 19[3][4][5][6] and April 25[1][2].

Plinkett IntroductionEdit

  • What stupid piece of crap movie is he going to talk about now?


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Season 3, Episode 51 (14)
Oblivion and The Lords of Salem (5785)


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