Although not officially affiliated with RedLetterMedia, Mitchell Taco Nash, or TheAmazinTacoChannel on YouTube, is a Youtube Producer and one of RedLetterMedia's most prevalent commentators having contributed 6,700+ comments to the RedLetterMedia discussion on Disqus.

Now I know most of you are thinking like "Huh" or "What", why does this guys get on the Official Unofficial RedLetterMedia Wiki. Well, I think if you gave the kid a chance, you would realize that he's doing a lot for the RML community. Or at least more than I am, because, you know, I have better things to do with my time. Think of it this way, a Dog Wiki has to dedicate at least one page to fleas.

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TheAmazinTacoChannel, features include: The Taco Reviews, a show where he and his friends, (who are also desperate for attention) covers current movies, the Cet series, an animated show involving his original character and brain child/ cat/ possible sex fantasy Cet. This is also where he posts comedic edits of the RedLetterMedia content, funny videos (or at least things he finds funny, I mean, I think I saw a video with a turtle on it, but I didn't click on it because why would I?), and reaction videos, some of RedLetterMedia.

As of February 12, 2015, he has announced production of a short film, 'The Last Take' where he embarrassingly begged for money to the entire internet. (May I take this moment to remind you that the internet includes: me, you and orphans, Computer Engineers, Civil Engineers, etc.)

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