謝茜嘉·「謝茜」·尼卡爾(英语:Jessica "Jessi" Nakles,1982年-)[1][2][3] is awesome. She has not been featured on the Red Letter Media channel since 2014. Her latest appearance was in Best of the Worst "Wheel of the Worst #7" and her latest Best of the Worst panel appearance was "The Item, The Crawlers, and Blood Lock".[4]

She used to play keyboards for the New Loud,[3][5] but doesn't anymore.[6] Previously a fan of the band,[5] she joined officially in 2004[3] and stayed with the band as a core member until its dissolution in 2011.[3][6] Her musical influences include Gang of Four, Fugazi, New Order, Justin Timberlake, The Cure, and Danzig.[5]

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