HitB-Logo-Black Jack and Jill
ShowHalf in the Bag
ReleasedNovember 20, 2011
Running time33:55 (Part 1)
24:09 (Part 2)
ReviewsJack and Jill
CastMike Stoklasa
Jay Bauman
Rich Evans as Harry S. Plinkett
GuestsRich Evans as Harriet Plinkett
CrewEdited by Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa
Mike Stoklasa (Plinkett voice-over)
Plinkett intro"Why the f*ck are you watching this"
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In Half in the Bag's first season finale, the trio toast Adam Sandler's illustrious career in a two-part autopsy. Delivering one of their most scathing and expository reviews to date, they delve into the sinister machinations behind critically-panned "theoretical comedy film" Jack and Jill.



A visibly-drunk Mike staggers his way into Mr. Plinkett's house with cases of beers in hand, reluctantly declaring that it's time to get back to "work". Aggrieved, Plinkett points out that it's been six months since they first started repairing the VCR. Eventually remembering this cover story, Mike assures Plinkett that Jay's coming along with the parts they need for the job.

To Plinkett's incredulity, Jay soon walks in with a couple of ornate beer steins. Ignoring their client, he and Mike cheerfully pour themsleves drinks, and propose a toast to Adam Sandler's career. However, when they clash mugs in valediction, the steins shatter into pieces, spraying booze everywhere.


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