George Lucas

George Lucas

George Lucas is an American film maker. Mostly credited for creating the sci-fi franchise Star Wars, Indiana Jones (along with Steven Spielberg), American Graffiti and Red Tails.


HOBBY: Getting money

Involvement with Red Letter Media Edit

In real life, Lucas has no connection to Red Letter Media, though he is often mentioned and parodied in Harry S. Plinkett's reviews and in Half in the Bag. Mr. Plinkett, and his actor, Mike Stoklasa, have expressed harsh criticisms of Lucas' latter films, most notably the Star Wars prequel trilogy and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, wherein both cases Plinkett believes that Lucas completely misconstrued the meaning and intent behind the aforementioned films' predecessors, and what led to their subsequent success; or, if he had even understood it to begin with. This interpretation has morphed into a general disliking for Lucas as a filmmaker, with Plinkett going on to describe him as a "hack-fraud, who loves nothing but money" in his audio commentary of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.

Although inconsistent, Plinkett has given Lucas praise too, and has clarified that he has no hatred for Lucas as a person; calling him a 'good business man' and denouncing critics that claim he's a part of the group of the Star Wars fanbase that claim, "George Lucas raped [their] childhood." Plinkett references his reviews of the Star Wars prequels in his review of Star Trek (2009 film) and says he reviewed those films on the basis that they "failed as movies first", citing their inability to connect with the audience emotionally or to clearly convey important aspects within their respective narratives, and then, why they failed as Star Wars movies, second. Plinkett sees that Star Trek (2009) as more of a Star Wars movie than the prequel trilogy were themselves, and comically suggest that J.J. Abrams should have directed the prequel trilogy, and that George Lucas "should have directed people to their seats in the theater."

In 1988, Lucas co-produced with Francis Ford Coppola an experimental documentary film called Powaqqatsi but it has since been airbrushed out of history.