"Drawing Plinkett, Meeting RedLetterMedia"
URL: linkShow: Mr. Plinkett: TASReleased: January 8, 2013
Season 2, Episode S1Time: 4:25
Animated by: Shaun McKinnon — Edited by: Shaun McKinnon

"Drawing Plinkett, Meeting RedLetterMedia" is a special produced by 789 Films and hosted by Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series creator Shaun McKinnon, which details the history and making of the web series.[1] It aired January 8, 2013 on the 789 Films YouTube channel during the second season of the animated series.


Shaun McKinnon explains how he started working with RedLetterMedia and received Mike Stoklasa's blessing to continue making Mr. Plinkett cartoons. He also gives a facetious look at the process of creating a Plinkett cartoon, explaining the animation, audio capture, and editing.



The opening and ending sequences were filmed near the Sydney Opera House. Aside from a few photographs of Shaun McKinnon's visit to the set of RedLetterMedia production Half in the Bag, the special is set in Australia.

The special aired January 8, 2013 exclusively on the 789 Films YouTube channel.


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