URL: linkShow: Mr. Plinkett: TASReleased: May 12, 2014
Season 3, Episode 5 (17)Time: 2:50
Animated by: Shaun McKinnon — Edited by: Shaun McKinnon


"Catnapped" is the fifth episode of the third season of the 789 Films animated web series, Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series, and 17th episode of the series overall. It aired May 12, 2014 on Blip.[1][2] The episode was animated and edited by Shaun McKinnon, combining preexisting voice-work by Mike Stoklasa and RedLetterMedia productions to create a unified story.[3]

In this episode, Mr. Plinkett's cat is abducted and his investigation uncovers a conspiracy involving cartoon animals. This is the second episode without any speaking supporting characters, after "Complaining at the Post Office about the Price of Stamps".


At the Hagia Sophia, He-Man's tiger Cringer is kidnapped under his nose by a Green Goose. Meanwhile, at Inspector Gadget's house, Brain is abducted in front of Penny by another Green Goose.

When Mr. Plinkett's cat is taken from his windowsill, Plinkett launches an investigation and uncovers a Green Goose crime ring that is selling the cartoon animals into slavery. In a surreal sequence, Plinkett floods a well in the auction area and saves many of the sidekicks, who are traumatized by their experience. He brings the cartoon animals back to his house, where he is confronted by He-Man, Inspector Gadget, and Splinter, who have tracked him down. Before Plinkett can explain himself, Inspector Gadget shoots him.

In a post-credits sequence, Mr. Plinkett realizes that Gadget shot him with a ketchup dispenser.



Sources for the audio used in the episode were captured from various RedLetterMedia productions.

The episode aired May 12, 2014 on Blip[1][2] and later on May 20, 2014 on YouTube.

Easter EggsEdit

The production studio's name appears as the address of Mr. Plinkett's house.


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