"Batman: Arkham City"

URL: linkShow: Game Station 2.0Released: March 22, 2012
Season 1, Episode 1 (1)Time: 5:55
Written by: Rich Evans — Edited by: Stoklasa/Bauman
Cast: Rich Evans, Tara Ketterer, Mike Stoklasa

"Batman: Arkham City" is the pilot episode of video game and geek culture review web series, Game Station 2.0. It aired March 22, 2012 on YouTube,[1][2] the first of four episodes. The episode, edited by Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman, consists of a satirical introduction and a traditional review scripted by Rich Evans, interspersed with comedic sketches.[2]

The debut episode introduces Rich Evans as a hapless gamer who begins his first day of work at the mysterious Game Station. Confined to his game station pod, he reviews the 2011 PlayStation 3 action-adventure game Batman: Arkham City,[2][3] and is harassed by an overseer.


In the introduction, Tara the Gamer Girl provides background information about Batman: Arkham City and its game developer Rocksteady Studios.

Rich Evans, Unit 603 Idiot, is a new reviewer at the Game Station. Upon entering his game station pod, he is tasked with reviewing Batman: Arkham City. An unfriendly overseer later arrives to micromanage Rich, and Rich bristles at the overbearing bureaucracy. After the review is completed, Rich learns that his game station pod is regularly vented with deadly engine exhaust. He does some reading as the noxious fumes slowly waft towards him.

Summary and ReviewEdit

Welcome to the Gamestation 2.0! A new series from Red Letter Media, the frauds that brought you Half in the Bag and Harry S. Plinkett. In this new series, Rich Evans will review new and old video games as he sits in his Gamesation pod. Rich Evans is a long time gamer and has a unique insight into video games based on years and years of wasting time playing them. See what adventures await Rich Evans as you click the dislike button and complain in the comment field below!


The opening crawl claims that Game Station 2.0 will cover video games, comic books, geek culture, home appliance repair, circus reviews, and cat astrology.[2]



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Original pilotEdit

The series began as an experimental foray into video games and capturing the gaming audience.[4][5][6] The pilot was the first of four episodes developed and produced for release on[6][7][8] Although the partnership was dissolved on February 24, 2012, the pilot and remaining episodes were completed before the pilot episode's debut.[6][7] The launch of Game Station 2.0 was hinted prior to the release of the first episode, when Red Letter Media announced that they would do "something with Mass Effect 3 ..."[9]

The pilot aired March 22, 2012 on YouTube.[1][2] Reception to the pilot was mixed from those expecting a show in the style of Mr. Plinkett Reviews or Half in the Bag.[10] After the release of the pilot, Mike Stoklasa explained that the series was an "experimental show" and while the pilot "is kind of weak, but it gets better".[6] He also stated that he was "[n]ot 100% sure if we'll continue this or not", but wanted to make more stories in this universe.[6] Jay Bauman echoed Stoklasa's sentiments, saying that after releasing the four completed episodes, then "we'll decide if we want to continue making more and how we want to change up the format."[7]


  • Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham City. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 2009. PlayStation 3.

Season 1, Episode 1 (1)
Batman: Arkham City (3152)


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